When William Faulkner set out to write The Sound and the Fury, his intention was to “make a beautiful and tragic girl”. And perhaps he did. But, inadvertently  he wrote one of the most heart-wrenching characters of the early twentieth century: Quentin Compson, a boy who loved his sister too much. A boy who lost all hope when he thought she was lost to him. A boy who tried to overcome the legacy of his fallen aristocratic family. A boy who never could. A boy who made all the way to Harvard but didn’t make it back off of the bridge. A boy who tried. A boy who never had a chance.

In honor of Quentin, I present to you “I Fell into the Water (And Now I’m Free)”, a fanmix devoted to the boy who broke his own mind trying to drown his sorrows, and drowned himself to make it right again.

1. Remember Me as a Time of Day → Explosions in the Sky
2. The Captain and Hourglass → Laura Marling
3. Exile Villify → The National
4. Sister → Mumford & Sons
5. Empty → Ray LaMontagne
6. Confessions → City and Colour
7. Jesus → Brand New
8. Dance on Our Graves → Paper Route
9. Comes and Goes (In Waves) → Greg Laswell
10. My Heart Goes → Flatsound
11. Lose You → Pete Yorn
12. Trust Me → The Fray
13. November Was White, December Was Grey → Say Hi
14. What the Water Gave Me → Florence + the Machine
15. Tomorrow Will Be Kinder → The Secret Sisters


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